Sick Leave Bill 2022 Passed

April 5, 2022

Sick Leave Bill 2022 Passed

The Government adopted the Sick Leave Bill 2022 on Wednesday, which would legislate for a mandatory sick pay plan for all employees, which will be brought in over a four-year period. In 2022, the new system will be implemented for three days per year, growing to five days in 2024, seven days in 2025, and 10 days in 2026.

Employers will be required to pay sick pay at a rate of 70% of an employee's earnings, up to a daily maximum of €110. The €110 daily earnings level is based on the 2019 mean weekly wages of €786.33 and amounts to a €40,889.16 yearly pay. It can be changed by Ministerial Order to reflect changes in inflation and income.

The 70 percent rate and daily maximum were set to guarantee that exorbitant expenditures are not borne only by employers, who in some industries may also have to cope with the cost of replacing ill employees on short notice. The Bill's primary goal is to give a minimal degree of security to low-wage workers who may not be eligible for a company-sponsored sick pay plan. This does not preclude companies from proposing better conditions or unions from pushing for more in a collective bargaining agreement, according to the law.

To be eligible for statutory sick pay, an employee must receive a medical certificate, and the individual must have worked for their company for a minimum of 13 weeks. Employees who need to take further time off after their employer's sick pay finishes may be eligible for an illness benefit from the Department of Social Protection, which is subject to PRSI contributions.

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