Moving accounts is simple!!

June 15, 2022

Moving accounts is simple!!

How do you make the move:

All you have to do is find the accountant that is the right fit for you! Once you have made the wonderful decision on ton making the move all of the work is done between the two accountants. Your new accountant will write to your previous accountant informing them you have decided to switch and ask them to provide all of your accounting and tax records that they hold. And that's it! It's totally pain free and so simple!

Reasons to move accountants:

Are you getting value for money?

If you don’t feel like you’re getting the level of service you’re paying for this can be a cause for concern. Do you accountants do you books, auditing, tax, work with you to grow your business, plan for your businesses future and help you with wealth management.

Do they understand the needs of your business?

It is critical that your accountant fully understands what you, as a business or limited company, need from them and your plans for future growth. They should work with you to reach your goals and help you grow!

Are your tax returns filed in good order and on time?

As part of delivering a good service your accountants should always be ahead of the game. Asking you to drop everything to rush through a tax return is unacceptable – distracting you from your work and, most importantly, growing your business.

Has your business outgrown your accountants?

Business growth is one of the biggest reasons to move on from your accountants. At the first sign that your accounts are getting too complex for your accountants to handle it’s time to look elsewhere.

Are you happy?

Are you happy with the service they are providing, do they answer your calls, get back to your emails and meet you when you need a face to face? You need to be able to communicate with your account, and feel like they care in order for you to work together and grow your business!

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